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Time To Be Happy Again

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Absolutely brilliant. Definitely helps the time pass. I don't know if there is a song on here that I don't like. Such a great effort collecting these tracks. Again, brilliant.

yess i saw bon iver in the nyc and he literally brought me to tears. sound so cheesy but something about him.. man.

btw. my ipods name is chiquita. yours?

Our iPods are definitely both Bon Iver fans!!!
I saw him live in LA OMG it was sooooooooo amazing!!!!
But good call on Local Natives....they rock my sox

making me choose my favorite? evil. well i like the temper trap but then again who doesn't. i like grouplove because they kind of sound like local natives. but i love caring is creepy because the shins are... well the shins. but i don't think our ipod can be friends unless he likes bon iver :)