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Between Obsolete & Cutting Edge


Just relax, clear your head of any distractions, and focus on the implant, feel the union of flesh and metal taking hold. Embrace that rush of power as your senses open wider than they ever have before, the augs uplifting you out of the meat and into the digital world. The procedure isn't finished yet, but let that anticipation wash away in the sound, like tears in the rain. Right now, you sit between obsolete and cutting edge, but soon, you will be so much more.

A mix inspired by a scene from the Sombra Origins trailer, meant to be a relaxing playlist, with a cyberpunk augmentation body shoppe as the setting in mind.

Tracklist: http://velveteenelectricalreaction.tumblr.com/post/152873455750/between-obsolete-cutting-edge-just-relax-clear

17 tracks