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“A golden prince was easy to love if you did not have to watch him picking wings off flies.”

(at least) one track per chapter (with annotations) to accompany the adventures of dumb, life-ruining princes as they navigate the political intrigue of royal courts and battlefields;

an instrumental soundtrack to the captive prince trilogy that is c.s. pacat approved :') (will be updated with new tracks when Kings Rising is released in February)

tracklisting: http://bit.ly/1tfRv7b

69 tracks
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When are you going to add the third book's soundtrack to this mix? I read all three books in the span of a week, and I'm dying to hear what you picked out for the last books songs

@eiose hopefully within the next month! a few tracks have been selected, but the past year has been so hectic that I haven't been able to focus on the book three ost selection like I've been meaning to, unfortunately. :/ but soon!! :3