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Beware the Beast


For once your will begins to spoil
He'll turn you to a tree of oil
And use you in his lantern for to burn.

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such a underrated series. I enjoyed it and I love this mix omg. the beast I loved the most, I wish to know more of his backstory tbh.

@masonverger There's a really great comic theory on how the Beast came to be. Go to my tumblr hoppskotch and look under the tag otgw and it's probably the first comic there with the little boy. I think you'd like it. TW for blood and death

@ambientAbsolution aww sweet, i myself am really into well (points at icon) mostly hannibal, wendigos, anything horror monster related and i believe we got to see the beast for a short term, he may or may of not of been a wendigo culture of some sort, like when we see his face truly in the last moments, i was both paralysed by fear and my brain was intrigued

@ambientAbsolution also sorry for two replies but 8tracks limits on them, i really wish for another otgw but the series ended happily, there should be a sequel with the beast and a different set of characters such as new siblings, entering the magical world to find it as a wasteland things have become beak and devastating since we last saw the world. maybe have the beast as the ruler?? idk i have so many ideas.. but thank u for the comic and followed on tumblr, since no one i know likes otgw

@masonverger Thanks! Glad you liked my mix. The beast was also my favorite character. c: I also really loved OtGW. One of the best things ever put on CN imo.

@masonverger I think it would be totally cool if they did a sequel where Wirt and Greg went back but when they were much older (greg maybe 14 or wirt's age when he fell in and wirt much older) and the whimsy coming back and Beatrice meeting Wirt again but yeah, the beast being the same issue. Also, what was up with the old man and the lantern like how could he forget that his daughter wasn't dead???