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A Song For Every Country: Dancing To The Same Song


I wanted to make the Ultimate World Music Mix, ie, one song from every country. A lot of female singers, a bunch of foreign rock and roll, some traditional, a lot of African and Caribbean. I tried to find songs that were in the native tongue. In the few occasions where I used English songs they are either about the country, about love or about coming together with each other to keep the world feeling flowing throughout.

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It took me like two days, but I have listened to every single song on this playlist. (And now I'm going to listen to it again, both because it is an AWESOME playlist and because I forgot to star all my favorite songs so yeah. Have to do that this time.)

DJ's Notes:

The countries the songs come from are in the parentheses following the title. I got the list of countries from http://www.state.gov/misc/list/ (except Netherland Antilles which dissolved in 2010 but was still on the list for some reason).

I was able to find one song from every country after a LOT of researching. Except for The Holy See (ie. The Vatican). Miserere, is actually by an Italian composer. Gregorio Allegri composed it during the reign of Pope Urban VIII, for exclusive use in the Sistine Chapel. There is a Sistine Chapel Choir but I was unable to find recordings of them singing. Thus, a song written exclusively FOR the country is all I have for the Holy See.

This was really an eye-opening experience for me. If you listen to the whole thing through, maybe I'll give you a cookie! ;)