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Aracayn Darkwood


Aracayn Darkwood lived a life of routine and absence. Her mother left so long ago, no face dwells in the young Elf's memory. Her father is never around. Her aunt is a tyrant, her grandmother a reclusive figure of legend. Aracayn had no questions about her life.

...until she was sent to buy a pearl from the gnomes.

...until she saw her cousins exploiting plague-ridden humans for their own cruel gains.

...until she found a longbow that could become a sword with one word.

...until she rescued a city that was under seige.

...until she became leader of the Darkwood clan.

...until she learned who she was.

...until she became Aracayn the Merciless.

A 2016 NaNoWriMo by InkandGrit.

20 tracks
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