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Days To Look Back To


I think the subtitle to this mix should be 'Heavy on the Sap'. It answers the question: What songs would you like to listen to right before dying? I chose mostly mellow songs that have memories attached to them. The first and last are new songs that I think fit the theme well and have quotes I like.

More details why I chose each song can be found in the comments section..

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1. "We live on front porches and swing life away."

2. I used to sing this with my cousin at summer camp.

3. Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill' was one of the first albums I listened to a LOT. It was my sister's cd but I always used to steal/borrow it from her.

4. Billy Joel is required listening for every Long Islander! Plus, it was my senior class song and I danced with my crush at the prom to it.

5. Gotta love the Eagles! Also, the song reminds me of growing up.

6. Listened to it on the last night being at the lake, where I used to go every summer.

7. My karaoke song!!

8. Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' was another first album of mine and I always loved this song.

9. This always used to make me cry when I was a kid and I watched Dumbo.

10. I remember singing this a lot when I was a teenager.

11. Ditto.

12. A new song I've been listening to this year, reminds me of traveling to the west when I was younger.

13. Song about growing up. I also dedicated it to my sister on the radio once.

14. Freshman college. I wore this tape out listening to it everyday in the car commuting an hour to and from college.

15. Me and my best friend in middle school used to cut school and listen to this album. It also seems to be the lesson I'm learning in this life.

16. When I was a kid I thought this was the funniest song ever.

17. First song I can ever remember listening to.

18. "When we were kids, we hated things our parents did we listened low to Casey Kasem's radio show that's when friends were nice, to think of them just makes you feel nice the smell of grass in spring and October leaves cover everything."