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Peppermint Snowflakes (Instrumental Christmas)


feelin' the Christmas spirit yet? If Starbucks can say it is Christmas, then so can I :)
Enjoy some lovely holiday tunes as you study, bake, read, relax, scroll down Facebook, etc.

21 tracks
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This playlist is perfect for studying for finals while listening to Christmas music to cheer me up! It really helps to keep me motivated!

This is my absolute favorite Christmas playlist...I played it for the family while we opened gifts last year, and I am still obsessed with it this year. Great playlist!

@andhowe! Thank you very much! I am glad you have enjoyed it so much. I hope you have a lovely Christmas this year! Don't forget to eat lots of chocolate!

Great mix!! Us Canadians sure know how to bring warmth to Christmas even when it's cold! (minus 39 with the windchill in the prairies today; this is just the mix to warm me up!) :)