I am a nomad warrior who defends his life among the hungry wolves in the desert of reality, I take hits, but I'm not here only to receive, I'm here to give. I am a passionate scientist, making my way through the path of enlightenment, slowly but surely, as I believe that knowledge is the ultimate diviner of truth and the only cure for the mind, hence the people, hence the world. I am a shameless lensman, committed to preserve tracks of my life, to capture moments and memories with their pure and authentic reflections, here, I shall dare to defy the convention. I am a hedonist with a hippie mentality, disprove the dominant paradigm and value the ecstasy of the absolute experience of existence for I am persuaded beyond doubt that my mission is to reach the highest level of life awareness and thus to embrace diversity.

In this journey, I am not alone, music is my companion and my camera is my silent witness. In this journey, I am very well equipped, knowledge is my sword, positivity is my shield and may my actions be the model of my beliefs.