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Music of Wisdom [Part 1]


Or "when music meets poetry and great speeches", a mix of motivational and thought provoking words. Deep voices, soft voices, and everywhere in between. Some will make you smile while others will make you go hmmm!.

So, listen mindfully and enjoy!.

Part 2: http://8tracks.com/jar-x-42/music-of-wisdom-part-2

Part 3: http://8tracks.com/jar-x-42/music-of-wisdom-part-3

Part 4: http://8tracks.com/jar-x-42/music-of-wisdom-part-4

Part 5: http://8tracks.com/jar-x-42/music-of-wisdom-part-5

17 tracks
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it's 2:34 AM and it's gettin tough in school but this playlist is so good :) masada9tech ki chouft eli enti min tunis. Bel7a9 3amelt a double take at my screen 9olt ye5i fema twensa ya3mlou des playlists 3al 8tracks?? esma3 ya sidi! anyways, ya3tik el sa7a. inchallah tchouf el message :)

@elloumi-228 haha, 7atena bhite!, t'est le premier tunisien qui commente ici!, 7ata inti ka3ba rare zeda. Heureux de te voir ici! etwensa partout apparement! :)