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Nostalgia [part 2]


Back in the old days, I used to listen to the radio station and record my favorite songs in a mixtape (cassette), and then hear them again and again.

This mix is the second part of a compilation that includes some of those songs.

24 tracks
1 comment on Nostalgia [part 2]

Since I love Nostalgia 1, I can say that I was a bit disappointed by the first 2 songs of this playlist. I may not be the biggest fan of covers but the original version of "Losing my Religion" and "Hotel California" are so perfect. Why choosing the covers?

hi, fair enough :), the original are great indeed, actually, I hesitated at first, but, those cover brought those songs to life I think, they hits the spot for me. But, nonetheless I'm glad you like the rest of the mix.