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Booze For Breakfast


This playlist features music from the land of Kama sutra, snake charmers & kolaveri di.

Artists included: Swarathma, Nischay Parekh, Sky Rabbit, Your Chin, Sidd Coutto, Ashu & more


  • Naane Daari (Dualist Inquiry remix) Free Download by Swarathma
  • Voice by Func vs Pentagram
  • I Love You Baby I Love You Doll by Nischay Parekh
  • 14 Panty Party by psychicplumberotherlies
  • MY ROOTS by Shaa'ir+Funk
  • No Messages For Rumi by Apu and The Dentist
  • Skrat by SKRAT
  • Love Love Love by ToTmusic
  • Run Along Little One by Your Chin
  • I Am a Disco Dancer by thelightyearsexplode
    The Revenge Of Kalicharan
  • Minus the Make by up
    Hexes+Drama & Other Reasons For Evacuation
  • 03 Footdub [Feat. Anushka Manchanda] by Petri Dish Project
  • Hold on by sajidakbar
  • 04 - TOMORROW'S DECIDED by Pentagram
  • Renaissance Mission by blackstratblues
15 tracks