Is this playlist safe for work?

riding the chillwave


A small collection of dreamy chillwave and instrumentals that are great for unwinding, getting baked alone and daydreaming. Includes fifteen tracks featuring Flume, Giraffage, Snakehips and many more.

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15 tracks
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Hands Down the BEST playlists on 8tracks, I listen to your stuff over&over!

Would you make a playlist for me for work?
I'm a massage therapist. It would have to be about 75-90 minutes, vibey but not "sexy" (no happy endings here!) super juicy, the stuff that makes you feel embodied. My goal for my clients is to have them leave feeling fresh, chilled out but like they could conquer the world. I guess my massages are kind of like a meditation, for me and my clients. I have to able to tap into their energy but still keep a rhythm.

I think you can totally do it! :)

hey! having some trouble coming up with a mix that would be relaxing enough for a massage but still "super juicy" :( maybe give me an example of a song so I can work around that?

thanks again!