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New Years Eve 2006: 12 am (2016)


So, my fiancee & i met at 15, he was the new kid & we were waiting for the bell to let us out, he walked up to me & asked "what's wrong?" & i looked right into his eyes & said "nothing, i'm just tired". Believe it or not but that was the beginning of "us" even though we were to shy to admit it.Unfortunately life made us go different ways, he ended up dating a girl at 17 and dated her for 3 yrs. Awhile i worked hard to graduate high school only for me to get lost in uni. I had no direction and i lost who i was. Flash forward to us being 21 at a NYE party. Both of us still feeling those feelings that we had 15 but this time he did something about it.. it's been a good 10 yrs together so, why not tie the knot? (NOTE: both of us are Punjabi so some songs are Indian AND songs are NOT by year!)

75 tracks
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