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Fashion Week: The Visual Album


‘Fashion Week: The Visual Album’ is the latest masterful creation by Jason Maek & Zaena – a fusion of fashion, music, dance and art in one captivating 40-minute music video. Approaching this project as if they were designers rather than producers, Jason and Zaena have captured a collection of ten eclectic songs and seventeen videos, which serve as an introspection into various aspects of fashion culture. Experimenting with a wide range of influences, the duo feature elements from all over the dance music spectrum in each track, resulting in a musically complex and diverse compilation.

Kicking the album off with the trap-influenced track ‘Birthday’, a stunning visual accompaniment shows a couple dancing gracefully with the sea as their backdrop. The second track ‘Get Up’ is an up-tempo cut that emanates a tropical house vibe mixed with subtle moombahton elements. The visual aid is an artistic display of contemporary dance, which juxtaposes the tone of the song itself. ‘Fashion’ is the third track to feature and is a fun and energetic tune with a fitting animated music video involving dolls, shoes and percussion. ‘Texting You’ is a dance number with catchy vocals, a funky beat and a dance-filled music video. Slowing the tempo down, ‘Rain On Me’ is a techno-infused track, which comes with abstract video with impressive and captivating dance routines. ‘Models All Around Me’ is a club-ready number with a video showing off the life of a superstar with photo-shoots, clubbing, and high-end fashion. ‘Walk The Line’ is the penultimate track of the album, and is a festival-ready creation featuring a big bassline and is matched with an expressive black and white dance-focused video. The final addition comes in the form of ‘I Need Love’, a hip-hop and trap concoction, which is accompanied by an intriguing video that follows the struggles of two lovers across the video’s duration.

‘Fashion Week: The Visual Album’ brims with texture and flows smoothly, as if the tracks are outfits coming down the runway with ease. In order to compose this album, Jason Maek & Zaena interviewed designers about their process, and used mood boards in order to pinpoint the feelings and ideas they wanted to portray in each track. After this impressive demonstration of their adept directing and production talents, we can expect big things from this dynamic duo in the near future!

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