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It was just after 7pm here when i put her down for the night. She's still sleeping now :) this is certainly an amazingly relaxing medley

@VictoriaB10 - ok, Victoria, I'm convinced! Your little one has been listening to this for a month. Now to see if you can keep on doing it until almost 2 years old? My son STILL has to have the music playing when he goes to bed. There's really something about this music that makes both him and me smile when it's bedtime. Putting a little one to bed is such a beautiful way to end the day!

Hi, I have downloaded Gaelic Lullaby and Count the sleepy lambs. Both are great and my baby absolutely loves them. How can I purchase the entire playlist?

@vivich85 - I'm sorry, there really isn't a whole album to download. These are songs I've just collected, and I upload them when I see fit, or find something I really like. I wish I could help you more, but all I can say is... kiss your babies head very softly :-)

Hello everyone. I've added a new song that seems to work on my 14 month old son. He loves to be sung to sleep.

Gaelic Lullaby seems to be the song for him right now!

You can download a 45 min version: http://1drv.ms/TCqSav

it really helps my baby to calm down and sleep. Where can I download the full version? I want to put it all to an mp3 player in his room. I already dowloaded the 1.5 hour version.

i use this playlist EVERY night for me n my 10 yr old daughter. its the absolute best on 8 tracks! thank u so much for making it! are all the songs from one cd set bc they have similar sounds? i would love to buy the whole set if so. youve saved our nights! thanks again. Dawn n Reilly :)