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Just Despicable


I've been making some bummer mixes lately so I thought I'd put out something fun and ridiculous and kind of violent. A mix for the afterparty if the party was a killing spree.

Featuring TNGHT, RL Grime, and Modeselektor

9 tracks
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Hey, how'd you add that sick GIF to your page? I tried adding one to mine @ 400x400px, but it just remains a still image. I'm sure the GIF works, but is there any secret to applying the motion to 8tracks?

There's no secret, though unfortunately I'm fairly certain gifs are an admin-only feature at the moment but they will be available in the future I imagine. Sorry about that, hopefully you'll be able to have .gif artwork soon enough!

Works well for PRE-partying too, if the party is a killing spree. Don't tell the cops I said so though! This is a totally private forum right? =D

Of course! You're totally safe here, no one's listening to this conv-...wait a minute. Do I hear helicopters? THEY'RE COMING FOR US SPACEBUNNY! FLEE!