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This is Nowhere


"We were the one thing in the galaxy
God didn't have His eyes on"

Songs that evoke the the fearful joy of placelessness, and also the seasonal and emotional confusion of spending the summer in San Francisco. Featuring The Mountain Goats, The Dismemberment Plan, and His Name is Alive (enormous shout-out to SpacebunnySounds for the introduction to that band, and in turn for inspiring this mix)

13 tracks
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Thanks, man! It all shoots off from HNIA. Which, by the way - holy shit. Don't know if I ever properly thanked you, that was a game-changing discovery for me.

They were a game-changer for me as well! Can't remember if I mentioned it, but I first heard them through DVD collection of the Brothers Quay animated short films, and it contained the videos for "Are We Still Married" and "Can't Go Wrong Without You" on it. I looked them up immediately after watching those, as I had to know more!

I've totally seen these before! I didn't make the connection to a real band, I think I assumed that "His Name Is Alive" was just something that they prefaced some of their videos with (it seemed fittingly ominous for their style). They were on these VHS tapes I used to have of Street of Crocodiles/The Cabinet of Jan Svanmajer. Such a trip

Thanks! Grey summer is definitely the intended vibe, glad to hear it served you well. And yeah, it recently came to my attention that we're able to use .gifs as cover art. I'm fairly certain that the feature's available for all users if you find use for it and want to give it a go!