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1. amethyst


1. a playlist for your favourite crystal gem

tbh i love all the gems equally so i chose ame bc i haven't made a playlist for her yet. i'm not sure if i got the side of ame i was trying to convey across but this mix is really inspired by on the run and i hope that y'all like it!!!

here is the link for the fanmix challenge: http://spacekin-.tumblr.com/post/124447757441/jasp-r-hello-some-of-you-may-know-that-i-make

  • Many Shades Of Black by Adele
  • Back To Black (Bugy Remix) by Amy Winehouse
  • Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore
  • Stronger Than Me (Lobo Bootleg Remix) by Amy Winehouse
    hi this song is really sexist and problematic but it sounds jazzy so B)
  • Que Sera Sera by Corinne Bailey Rae
    hi human!ame is hispanic please and thank
  • Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz Acoustic cover) by MNoel
  • Amy Winehouse Cover..Tears Dry On Their Own by Tom Matthias..Solo Artist
  • One Republic Hard Out Here by Counting Stars
  • Runt by runt
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