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what gave you the right honestly

holy shit i know you can't see them in my edit but look at his fucking biceps honestly riot how am i gonna juggle dating both kalista and ekko

(this is not the original tracklist! i edited the mix heavily after his splash came out just btw if u want the name of a song that used to be on the mix hmu and i'll tell u)

  • Miracle Is Dead by Sweet_Revenge_K
  • Cherry Boy Rap Riot by Ken Ashcorp
  • Classic Rock Mix by DJBlack
  • The Bird And The Worm (EiSkrim Remix) Download "ON" by The Used
  • Let Them In by PVRIS
  • Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz
  • Novocaine by Fall Out Boy
  • My House by PVRIS
  • Revolution by The Used
9 tracks