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garnet: ruby

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[2:38 AM] ruby: i'm not really good at all this love stuff but i checked out that mixtape you made me and i really liked it
[2:39 AM] ruby: even tho it's not my style of music or anything
[2:40 AM] ruby: now whenever i listen to slow, chill music i think of u now
[2:43 AM] sapphire: go to sleep, silly

  • the ber rmx by american boy
  • Lily Allen The Fear Remix by Beat-Manufaktur-Potsdam
  • All My Loving by Amy Winehouse
  • oblivion // acoustic grimes cover by MNTHA
  • Lights On by FKA twigs
  • School Friends (Ansible Remix) by Now, Now
  • Come As You Are (Nirvana Cover) by gregandthehawk
  • Do The Whirlwind (Metronomy Remix) by uberlegitimate
8 tracks
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