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STEM school blues


a fun playlist about math, science, and engineering (and some other stuff)

not meant to be taken too seriously ;)

13 tracks
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this playlist is great, especially now that I'm actually, officially for real at a STEM school. That last track is always hilarious.

i took a three hour nap between classes today, and ive got a caffiene pill if i need it :D and 2 classes tomorrow. ill be fine. hopefully.

oh my god i cant thank you enough for this playlist. helping me through my second all nighter in a row because of calculus. (i made ramen at 1 am too)

Oh my goodness don't stay up too much! (One time I stayed up for three days straight to work on a final project and I began to hallucinate.) But really I'm not one to talk over here with my 1am order out calzone.