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Advanced Dubstep: Cross-Cultural Studies


Each track is the best example of dubstep merged with another genre of music:

Track 1: Dubstep + Country.
Track 2: Dubstep + Metal.
Track 3: Dubstep + R&B.
Track 4: Dubstep + Alt Rock.
Track 5: Dubstep + Pop.
Track 6: Dubstep + Classical/symphonic.
Track 7: Dubstep + Rap.
Track 8: Dubstep + Indie Rock.
Track 9: Dubstep + Industrial.

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9 tracks
4 comments on Advanced Dubstep: Cross-Cultural Studies

This mix is very hit or miss. The Hank Williams remix was amazing, and I'd never known it had existed until this mix. But I coulda lived without the Brittany Spears. But for the most part very nice. ^-^

I'm glad you (mostly) liked it Fox. I don't expect anyone to like every song, lol. They are just too different from each other. But who better than the princess of pop for the pop example, right?