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Grace Soundtrack

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Posted too early. Miscounted the songs and thought it was over. This is obviously a complete work. And a beautiful one, at that.

The longer Grace goes on, the more I keep thinking this playlist will turn into a series and needs to be broken up into parts.

Or maybe I just need to ask Cas to stop listening to the !@#(*% top 40 radio stations. Heh.

I had never heard that Pink Floyd song before! LOL, never thought of Refugee as a Grace song but it *totally* is when I listen to it with that in mind- could have been written just FOR Jack to sing to Cas. Tough Lover made me 'huh' at first, then laugh when I got it. Someone To Watch Over Me has a lot of layers and we're debating over here what the actual intent was. Awake O Sleeper... mmm, I'd forgotten how fantastic that song was.

Is this a complete soundtrack, will it be expanded as the story progresses, or will there be a "part 2"?

"Refugee" was one of the earliest songs I had for Grace (and well, for Jack/Cas in general). When I heard it on the radio, it was one of those 'snap your head around' moments.

"Awake O Sleepers" seriously could have been written FOR Grace. I'm almost there in the actual copy, and the best part is how the visuals are almost all there in my head now because of that song.

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