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I Just Saw a Wookie.. 2012 Snowboard Playlist.


Envision riding through the forest on a powder day. Your instincts are so tuned, understanding what’s directing you in between the trees is some next level thinking. OK, lets go right here. Under that log. Hard Left. Whoooaa! Secret pillow. Still going. Holy shit, that tree almost ripped my glove off. What’s that?! Dang, I just saw a wookie…

44 tracks including music by MGMT, Pretty Lights and RJD2. Happy shredding!

42 tracks
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Was so in to this Playlist I decided to smoke my medical marijuana on the chair lift well I was snowboarding with the cops 2 chairs behind I lmfao the hole time he was talking to me thinking that I did nothing wrong but still lost my season pass:( bought a day pass today was the first play list I played