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Drawing Me to You.


Father, You are all we need. I need help on my missionary fees right now. I am currently with Youth With A Mission in Newcastle, Australia. I leave for seven weeks with my outreach team to Nepal, India, and Bangladesh for 3 months. We will be focusing on brothel ministries as well as slum missions if you would like to support me please check out the link below for my blog! Thanks, love you guys and may God bless you abundantly!


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I'm also in Bangladesh right now for my outreach! I'm with the Kona base, we just got here yesterday. Hope everything has been going well for your team! :)

@genungsr so cool! I will be there in about 2 weeks after some outreach here in Australia :) Thank you and I hope that your team is also doing well :)

Hey j_bear.. I've been following and liking your playlists for a while now. Just came across your update re: YWAM, pretty cool stuff really! I wish you good luck and if you ever happen to be in Bangalore, India, gimme a shout for any help or support. Keep at it!

@audiodevil Thank you so much for your wishes! We will be doing ministry in Kolkata, India and it's nice to know that I have your support from India :)

Oh my goodness, God is so good. I am currently listening to your playlist (you have great taste) while I look into how I am going to fundraise for my DTS in January with YWAM marine reach in New Zealand. I was excited because citizen & saints is from my local church and I love them so I read your notes. May God bless your outreach and provide financially and spiritually. Its a small world.. or internet I guess. Happy missioning!

@100001352250217 What that's so awesome!! They are so talented. You are going to love YWAM and I'm so stoked hearing about your heart for missions :)

You have a brilliant taste in music... I thoroughly enjoy listening to your playlists as I am working late at night... *Insert 2 line breaks here in order to create a better structure... #8trackspleas* My prayers go out to you as this is the only thing I can offer at this point in time... May the Lord bless and use you in ways that you cannot even comprehend or even expect...