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These Hills to Climb.


God is their for us in our most troubling times. Sometimes it feels like nothing is going our way and that there is no way God can turn something so bad into a good situation. I don't remember hurting so much but I am giving myself completely over to God. He is the healer of all things I encourage you guys to do the same.

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This is amazing thanks so much just had two close family members, one was a boy with Autism I worked with for 8 years (so basically a brother), pass away and it has been awesome going into a time of worship and peace with this. You're awesome

Thank you so much for all of your amazing mixes. Love your taste of music, and always get excited whenever you post a new one! I really enjoy and appreciate the Christian playlists, such truth and beauty in every song. So pumped that you have given yourself to Jesus, he is YOUR Healer, Creator, Lover, Friend, Deliverer, Advocate…praying for you. v

@fsparker1 Thank you for your prayers! It's so awesome to that we are part of Christ's family and are there for each other in prayer.