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When The Fight Seems Lost.


I am not okay. I will not be okay tomorrow or for quite sometime. But one day I will be. One day I will help others in some way. My twenty one year old brother took his own life Oct. 27th 2016. I had no idea he was even dealing with depression. I am still in shock and I am completely broken. That’s the beauty of Jesus though because even in my absolute pain I feel God working in me. I have nothing but Him. I am angry and feel helpless but I know the Holy Spirit will help me through this. So please please! if you’re going through anything and you need someone to talk to, message me. You are not alone. He knows your pain he has experienced more than we ever will. Taking your life is not the answer I promise that it will get better.

Day by Day.

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Thank you so much for introducing me to Taylor’s song on here! Wow! I am a huge fan of Christian music and I have never heard of him before! Song blew me away!

It would seem when almost everything has been taken from you that Jesus would ask for more. In places of deep pain I have learn that the only way through it is to give it all to Him. Give Him your pain, your anger, your hurt, your confusion, your doubt, your raw emotion. Place it in those nail pierced hands, they know pain, and they are the tenderest hands you will ever encounter. In those hands healing of the heart comes.

I open 8tracks after almost a years absence and while listening to the first song, read your story behind this playlist. Even in the midst of your pain your words draw others to encouragement. You reflect such a wonderful heart of Jesus. I couldn’t leave without leaving a message. 27th of Oct is also my birthday.

Thank you. I have spent the last 23 years thinking that somehow my suffering was owed to Christ because of what he paid for me. I felt like I couldn't bring my pain or hurt to God because I would be dismissing or denying Him as my comforter and healer; that Him being enough for me should mean that I don't feel the sting of my trauma. It was two days ago that I began to open my heart in Lament to the Lord and I know he hears my cry. I'm not okay, and that's okay, because He is with me, and He is good.

Thank you for sharing your heart so openly. Your playlists have meant a lot to me over the last few years. Your words brought me to tears... I am here for you too. I feel God in it all, all of the time, I feel Him in your pain. May He continue to move you, trust His ways.

Oh, jbear. Some of your playlists have gotten me trough confusing and difficult days, times. He drew very close to me in some. I love your honesty and my heart hurts for you. All I can say is May God be near so very near to you and your family's broken hearts and crushed spirit. He will not let you go. ❤️

This is amazing. I love your message in it, the world can be an evil place filled with temptation and it's refreshing to see the holy spiriting working through people. Thank you for creating your playlists and helping others. God be with you through all of your days❤️

I have been following your blog for years. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is tragic and confusing and maddening. I have family members who have done the same thing and it is a tough thing to grapple with. Please, I beg you, try not to blame yourself or be hard on yourself. That is the hardest thing. I hope you know your music always speaks to me and seems to be very timely. I know the Lord gave you a gift in finding music to speak to your soul which also speaks to so many others. I am so glad I found your blog and I am so excited when I see you have posted something else.