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Good morning, starshine!

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I adore this playlist. Can anyone suggest others similar to this one? I'm having a hard time finding one on the same level of greatness!

btw, I can't find a playlist of yours I liked about one year ago. Did you erase it (or has it been cancelled for a particular reason)?

Thanks so much for the love! And yeah, I did get rid of a bunch of lists that not many people seemed to dig. Do you remember what it was called or what was on it?

I don't know why, but " Weezer - Undone -- The Sweater Song" popped up to my mind. Do you recognize it as part of one of your mixes or my mind is already part of the fluxus? :D

Oh I remember that list. I actually don't have it in my iTunes anymore, so I'm sorry about that! Otherwise I'd send it to you.

Quite a loss... I'll take another listen to this one... It's apparently good for the sunday late night too...