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(New) Indie Time!


Bout 5 hours of new(ish) indie tracks released within the past few months. A 100% kind of line-up. New songs from Architecture in Helsinki, Imagine Dragons, and CHVRCHES

Please Enjoy.

Enjoy this PL? Try out the next in line. It's got 100 songs! http://8tracks.com/jbu/100-new-just-for-you

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Do you post your song lists somewhere? 8tracks keeps forgetting my place and starting me over on a lot of your playlists, so I rarely get to hear the ends...

You could do like a blog on wordpress or blogger, and then link it back to here for people to listen. Not sure if 8tracks has an embedded player like soundcloud does, but if they did, you could put the player on the site. I work in IT and dabble in web design, I'd be happy to help.