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Apparently I have a lot of Ave Maria in my collection. All are beautiful in their own ways. Updated 6/2017

Among these are the greats and classics you'll recognize, but also a few unusual twists including a Gregorian Chant version.

The Violin Duet from La Corda D'Oro doesn't contain lyrics but is unspeakably gorgeous. The song by Giulio Caccini & Paul Pritchard is from the movie Donnie Darko and is stunning. Taxi is from 20 days later is the Jacknife Lee Remix and is incredible as well.

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Im sorry I didnt realize I had an unknown artist in there. Im sure in my personal library the artist is written somewhere, the tag may have transferred over as unknown to here. I will look it up when I get home from work tonight. I'm glad you enjoyed the playlist, wasn't sure how many people would. I always thought all these songs were unique and beautiful.