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Three blind electroswinging mice


Some more electroswing for all of my little shakers.

26 tracks including Parov Stelar, Swaggerjax, and Josh Wave.

A huge thank you to all of the artists who were eager to share files for this mixtape. Listeners, please take the time to visit each of the incredibly talented artists I've shared with you on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Your support keeps their music alive, and their music keeps your body swinging.

26 tracks
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Thank you for listening! Very few are Canadian, if any. Most that I can think of are from Europe (UK and Germany to name a few), and the United States. I'll have to double check for you to see which ones in this mix are Canadian. I like this challenge though; give me some time and I'll try to compile a list of Canadian electroswingers.

Hey Jeanine!
I like a lot your mix. My preferate is N.A.W.S. (Main Mix) Dee Tox.
Do you know where I can find this same version?
I did some research, but I'm falling on some other stuff, not the version you put in your mix.