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Agape [International Confessions Soundtrack]


Dedicated to the Confessions readers all over the world.

Languages Featured:
-Arabic (Algeria)
-English (America, Australia, UK)
-French (Belgium, France)
-German (Germany, Austria)
-Mandarin (China, Taiwan)
-Portuguese (Brazil)
-Spanish (Mexico)

Any suggestions? Comment and I'll add! Inspire me. :)

23 tracks
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there's this band called Mashrou3 Leila and they're this indie rock band from Lebanon. They sing about sad things in happy music (sometimes). There's a song called Fasateen (dresses in arabic) `and Shim El Yasmin (smell the yasmins) and I just think it would be cool fro this playlist. Have a listen and if you think it fits, please add it.

I'd like to point out that even tho you said that there's a Finnish song, there isn't. None of these songs is in Finnish. Just wanted to tell you. There is one song that is in Swedish and the woman singing it is Finland-Swedish, but as I said, she sings in Swedish, not Finnish.

The man by ed sheeran seems fitting to the good old harry-ed relationship like it doesnt fit everything everything but somehow so yeah☺

I don't know if anyone has suggested this, but how about Sam Smith Like I Can? Reminds me of Louis', Ed, and Harry's relationship. I think Louis knows he likes- possibly loves- Harry, but knows he's to messed up with his problems to love him. So that's why in Almighty he wanted Harry to go back to Ed even though secretly Louis knows Ed will never love Harry like he can. As in the lyrics suggest he can never love you I can.

I literally just created an account to comment in here lol I was thinking on Espada by Javiera Mena (Chilean). Javiera is a gay musician and she is an avid supporter of LGBT rights and it’s just amazing to listen her in the radio because Chile is such a closet-minded-homophobe country. The lyrics of this song remind me to this story, the first part says that “when I saw you showing up, I still didn’t knew that I would be investigating your life until now. When I saw you showing up with the sword in your backpack it was the first warm time in the year. But now it’s worthless to spend nights awake, I don’t want to spend time competing anymore. In this universe, this mountain range, I want your sword to pierce only through me. Through the center of me.” Aaaaand yeah, amazing song, sick video (cataloged as the gayest video of all the time, just so you know), it would be amazing if you add it to this playlist (: xx

Taxi - Cele doua cuvinte. ('The two words'. In English are three words, 'I love you', but anyway.) It's about the difficulty of confessing your feelings sooo *cough* Louis *cough*