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Gavin Free, The Golden Boy, the ace up The Hunters sleeve. More than just the squawking British dork who screeches and trips and can’t shoot straight. There is a reason he has earned his place amongst the crew.

10 tracks
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Hi! idk if you will see this in time but i put your playlist on spotify because its disapearing off 8tracks :o my user is lanuette on there if you want to look for it. i got all the songs on it except gold by M.I.A and I hope what im doing is alright if its not feel free to let me know my tumblr is also the same user if you cant find me on spotify :) i never thought to comment and after years of listening to ur playlist im shocked nobody ever did but you made an incredible playlist for the FAKE AH AU. Hands down my fav for gavin AND was one of my fav playlists on 8tracks period. im terribly sad to see this go and want to thank you for making it in the first place <3 best of luck friend!