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s o l a r e c l i p s e


An instrumental mix for a gods AU where Erwin is the sun & Levi; the moon.

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  • Ververg feat. B (full ver.2) by Kuolun Su
  • Gackt by GACKT
  • Sugizo by SUGIZO
  • In the Mood For Love by in the mood for love
  • Dj Okawari by DJ Okawari
  • Song From a Secret Garden by Alexander Rybak
  • Solitude Of The Waltz (Five Fingers OST) by Wind Creator
  • Ibyeolboda Seulpeunman (Violin Ver.) by icecreamkem
  • Mozart: Requiem In D Minor, K 626 - Sequentia: Lacrimosa Dies Illa by Jutta Vulpius, Gertraud Prenzlow, Etc.; Helmut Koch: Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
  • A Very Sad Song For Broken Hearts by
  • Cold by JMendezMusic
  • Sad Romance by Thao Nguyen Xanh
  • Nynna med mig by Zin Kim
  • Eliade to no Ai[] by D Gray-man OST
  • Shiro Sagisu by Shirō Sagisu
  • Jade Mother by solenodon
  • A Place in Heaven by Quang Trinh
  • Theme Of Love by Theme of Love
  • Alternia by whirlingdervishofanger
  • Dream by Rabpit
20 tracks