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Yea, it took me awhile to put up- two years of thinking and rethinking songs... I'm sure I'll
be adding as things change. :)

The meanings:

1- La Valse d'Am - Sab's childhood mindset
2- Lonely Satie - Being locked in a house gets lonely.
3- Stand in the Rain - Sab's running away song
4- Blood of Cu Chulainn - Getting to Stormwind
5- Sex Has Made Me Stupid - Lbian relationship
6- Nicest Thing - Falling out with Lbian
7- Fuck Was I - Went back to Lbian after cheating on him with Mel
8- Breathe Me - Trying to work things out with Lbian
9- Forever and Always - The final fall out with Lbian.
10- Mirror Mirror - She was told that she could wish for anything in the mirror, she wished for the one that she loved to return to her.
11- Comme des enfants- Falling for Mel.
12- Comptine d'un Autre ete - Happily hanging out with her family and crew.
13- Look Back in Anger - Reandel leaving- devising the scheme to forget.
14- Happy Ending - Forgetting Mel, and her family in the crew. (blue stone)
15- Keep Breathing - Trying to pick up the pieces, & move on after losing everyone.
16- Daylight - Trying to force her relationship with Mel, to remain happy.
17- Overkill - Failing...Ally's reintroduction.
18- Two Birds - Sab trying to leave Mel, or run away to Darnassus together.
19- Winter Song - Sab's cold exterior, broken by Talth.
20- According to You - Sab getting more confident in her choice in Talth.
21- Bad Things - Talth's theme song, in my head.
22- All this time - Sab's growing up song.
23- Speechless - Talth and Sab's wedding