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Emmetstyle - Opposites Attract


A mix for Emmet/Wyldstyle with a theme - Emmet's represented by male vocals crooning old-fashioned tunes (or imitations of such), and Wyldstyle by female vocals of the rock/punk variety (attempted it, at least)

10 tracks
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For some reason, it only plays 4 tracks for me (after which it moves onto some other playlist), still claiming it contains 10 of them. Regional restrictions or is there something weird going on? :)

@najata Huh, that's weird, all the songs play fine on my end. I dunno what's going on, it might be the site acting weird with ads or something, weird stuff has happened to me before when I didn't have adblock on here. Or it's something else on your end, maybe check ur apps or regional stuff or something. Hope that helps.