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interwinded souls;

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This Six Hours piece (track #2) is the most perfect season 2 Fitzsimmons instrumental ever (even better than the stuff on the show). Suspense mingled with trepidation and underlined with sorrow. It builds and then intensifies, Yet throughout, there is this repetition that makes the piece feel familiar (and even logical) and yet subtly changing--it reminds me of Fitzsimmonsing... their friendship and their ability to finish each others sentences. I sense some frustration in there too. Something about that piece feels honestly like it was written for fitzsimmons..

@ifonlyx33 wow, this is REALLY beautifull written, thank you very much for the comment! I had the same feeling when I was listening it to. It's something that desrcibes Fitzsimmons with it notes and music and narrations. Thank you so much, again. Hopefully, we can read what my friend wrote on this prompt.