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I have a confession to make: I played this through my home stereo rather than headphones...and it sounded amazing!
Please, don't be mad.

You suck How dare you disobey Jenna Boy! Oh wait your on the DJ council you can do what ever the frack you want!!!

Alright, you may have technically started before me, and your mixes might all be far better than mine, and you may have a vastly greater network of support here, but...
Shit, you win.

(Sorry, Jen. I blame this entirely on B.)

I think we're all winners here. And now that we've finally got your attention, Miss Purdy, I have to know how you came up with the title for this one.

Bunch of 8trx geeks get to monitor 8trxz use. I was a founding member but, I was shunned and booted,. I am bitter. That is how all those Btchs came about! he3