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"it's not easy to break away from tradition and forge your own path." A mix for the young master Pavus, alone and adrift in a foreign land.

Includes sufficiently bitter angsty tracks by: Radical Face, The Indelicates and Porcupine Tree

Someone please pry this man and this game from my tiny gay hands I'm emotionally compromised.

I've added a tracklist here:

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11 tracks
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So I listened to this mix a while ago and liked it back then,, but I'm actually playing through Dorian's romance now and currently indulging my downward spiral into awful Dorian trash by bingeing on playlists, so I gave it another listen. I'd forgotten just how wonderful this playlist is... excellent work!

This was the first playlist I found when I started playing with 8tracks and I'm STILL absolutely addicted to it. You've captured Dorian in a nutshell. Bravo, my friend, bravo.

@BluCmonkE this honestly the nicest thing! Thank you so much, Dorian has a special place in my heart as I've gone through similar things myself so this means a lot, friend!