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This playlist includes music by Tom Law, Patty Walters, and Bry. Mostly original songs created and sung by the YouTubers themselves, but there also are covers. :)

27 tracks
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1. Gold Star For Me Feat Carrie Fletcher by Doddleoddle
2. Honeydukes | Joey Richter & Mary Kate Wiles by Kirstyn Hippe
3. Paint by Doddleoddle
4. Boys In Books Are Better by Carrie Fletcher
5. Sherlocked by doddleoddle
6. Adventure Time by Bri
7. Stacy's Mom by Patty Walters
8. Astronauts by BriBry
9. Never Met You (Acoustic Production) by Tom Law
10. On My Own by Carrie Hope Fletcher
11. Heartbreak Girl by Troye Sivan cover
12. The A Team by Patty Walters
13. Harry Potter In 99 Seconds by Jon Cozart
14. One Man Disney Movie by Nick Pitera
15. Little Game by Benny
16. Seconds Of Summer 'She Looks So Perfect' Cover by Patty Walters
17. If You Can't Hang Sleeping With Sirens (Bry Cover) by Bry
18. The Promise Emma Blackery by Emma Blackery
19. Let Her Go Passenger (Bry & Jon D Cover) by Bry
20. Baby It's Cold Outside by Tom Joseph Law & Carrie Hope Fletcher
21. (Upstairs//Downstairs) Wrecking Ball (Cover, Dual Vocal Edit) by Nick Pitera
22. Go The Distance by Emma Blackery
23. Love Is Easy by The Vamps Feat. Carrie Fletcher
24. Guess We'll Never Know by Carrie Hope Fletcher
25. La Vie En Rose Ukulele Cover by Doddleoddle
26. Horcruxes | Mary Kate Wiles by Kirstyn Hippe
27. House Of Gold By Twenty One Pilots Cover by Carrie Hope Fletcher