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get lost in this.


this is my personal chill and study mix. i thought i'd share it with you. includes 30+ songs from passenger, jason mraz, jack johnson, t swift, lana, and more.

thank you so much everyone for all the amazing feedback! i'm glad you all enjoy it :)

check out my other more recent mixes! they are similar to this one!

34 tracks
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I used to love this mix and use it all the time to focus while studying but recently the tracks have changed to "rainy mood" is this intentional? Well I guess if it works for people that's nice, it somehow distracts me! But I still love the track-listing :)

@kudeux no thats not intentional, and thats so weird! sometimes soundcloud over time tries to match with the songs i picked and change them.. i think i fixed the issue? we'll see though. i hope it works now!