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Blue Skies and Sunshine


Spring is finally here! At least where I live. It took long enough. So I made a spring mix celebrating clear skies, sunny days and warm weather.
Lots of twee, with some 60s pop, as well as a few miscellaneous songs sprinkled in.
With songs by Brighter, Marine Girls and Van Dyke Parks.

33 tracks
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Springtime in Canada- The Free Design
A Warm Day in June- The Crooner
Blue Sky- Go Sailor
Sunshine blue- Marine Girls
My Small Red Sun- Les Poissons Solubles
Shine So Brightly- Bouquet
Sunshine Girl- The Parade
Here Comes The Sun- The Beatles
You Me and The Sun- The Ammonites
The Sun Shines Here- Hurrah!
Blue Skies- Robert Mitchum
Even The Sky Seems Blue- St. Christopher
Shine- The Haywains
Pinky Blue- Altered Images
Perfect Day- Die Funf Freunde (technically a fall song, but it’s relevant because it’s about looking up at the sky and knowing it’s a perfect day)
Hey Blue Sky!- Honeybunch
Weather Shy- Yo La Tengo
Sun- Donovan
I’ll Follow The Sun- The Beatles
A Place in The Sun- Marine Girls
T-Shirt Weather- The Lucksmiths
Sunny- Emil
Crazy Day Sunshine Girl- The Groove Farm
Sunburst- Brighter
Sunny Inside- Talulah Gosh
Song For Sunshine- Belle & Sebastian
Come To The Sunshine- Van Dyke Parks
Summer’s Near- The Apple Orchard
Flower Power- Des Garcons Ordinaires
Sunshine Among Us- Eternity’s Children
Another Sunny Day- Belle & Sebastian
Sunny Day- Courtney Love (Lois’s band, not the singer)
Blue Suburban Skies- Even As We Speak