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White Line Fever/They Were a Bunch of Twats


A collection of sick and twisted rock 'n' roll featuring a cast of grizzled vets/creepy uncles to precocious fucks/wet behinds and all the shades of black in between. Tracks from Purling Hiss, Meth Teeth, Feeling of Love, etc.

22 tracks
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underrated mix, but that's the case with so many. how does the picture relate to the music? where is it from?
i recommend to you the mix "phaedra is my name", by sygnomi, and "cosmic witchcult" by blasphemer 23, the latter being more noise-drone-anger-fuck-uppy

Thank you. Don't how the picture relates except in some synapse of my mind. It is a still from 'Why Doe Herr R. Run Amok,' one of 5 films Rainer Werner Fassbinder made in 1970,
The title is are lifted from Mark E. Smith mutterings opening a song from the The Fall's 2007 lp 'Reformation Post TLC.' The thought of Fassbinder & Smith in the same room makes me happy and frightens me to no end. Thanks for the suggestions.

oh my, fassbinder - what a surprise. now I see the twisted coupling. thank you for your quick reply, nice that you made such an emotional effort behind the curtain