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Who's the Clown Now, Funnyman?

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Dude nice music, i do have a weird question... Where did you find that pic? Its very good inspiration for me, only i need a better pic..
U would be very helpfull..

i believe i just googled sad clown & clicked on images. coulda been scary or funny. tons of great clown shit, but i don't know if size & quality are ever great. thanks.

awesome. i do this cuz i dj'd for about 15 yrs & i have no outlet anymore. yeah, i think about the mix so i s'pose i could get irritated they shuffle it, but i'm still surprised any of this shit's legal. then again, i'm pretty long in the tooth. the one thing i'd change is being able to fade in & out @ the beginning & end of tracks. getting that shit right's the funnest part. thanks. you live in austin? or is there another hipster haven in tx?

8tracks, as a site...makes it hard to rate mixes, as they get shuffled, totally fucking up any 'flow' you try and implement into a selection. Anyways, your garage rock, punk psychedelic, newer stuff is awesome. Thanks. Turned me on to a bunch of new bands. Gracias.