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A musical mix that inspires me while I'm working on my story/comic project "Shooting stars over Germany."

16 tracks
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I sort of follow you on deviantart and now also on tumblr yay! I listen to this a lot, I don't know, it sort of makes me wonder and think and feel and stuff...anyway, is this story coming along or anything? Or is it an abandoned relic (which I'm pretty sure you had good reason to if you did leave it, happens to me all the time). Erm yes I don't really know how to make this sound less creepy...sorry for being so forward and yes I'll just leave ok, goodnight

Oh wow, thank you! And, no worries, this message isn't creepy at all! I'm super flattered that you're interested enough to ask about my story! It's a work in process. It's all mostly in my head, it's just getting it to paper that's hard. I promise I'll never abandon this story, even if it takes many years, I'll finish it. The story and it's characters are my babies and I just want it to be perfect. Anyways, thank you again! Messages like this only encourage me to work harder!

Ah, I'm glad you think that way. I'm also quite glad you're carrying on with the story, I mean, it always seems to be the thing with me that I come late to something and then it turns out it's been abandoned, etc. Stories are quite a fickle business, but they demand to be told, but it's so difficult! SSOG sounds and looks incredibly interesting I must say and I am ever eager to see new updates. Keep being marvelous!