502 comments on Caution: Her clothes WILL fall off by jess6672

if you have an intended order for these, you should post it because 8tracks mixes it every time you relisten. pain in my ass

oh my god, i heard this mix years ago and fell in love with the xx. i've been hunting for it for MONTHS now. i've finally. found. it. THANK YOU FOR MAKING WORKTIME SOOOMUCH SEXIER.

this mix was presented by stumbleupon more than a year ago. From it I discovered the XX who I completely love now since then. Its great to go back to hear the whole original mix. Its REALLY GREAT. Thanks.

Dripping with lascivious; Gurgling with all that which connects you and I. The nature of this oozes out in all the perfect filthy sexuality the combines man and woman.

I've had this mix "liked" for over a year now and I still listen to it regularly. This is such an amazing playlist.