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Been up all night, staring at you.

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What an awesome playlist. How does someone I don't even know mix a playlist that has all my favorite songs in them? I mean, who would even think of combining Missy Higgins, Frou Frou, Iron & Wine, and Joshua Radin? Ah, how I love all these serendipitous discoveries the world wide web holds.

There's this quote I like, which I think applies to playlists and art as well, not just books. It's like 'How on earth did this person get inside my head?!?'.

“The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - which you had thought special and particular to you. And now, here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out, and taken yours.” ― Alan Bennett, The History Boys: The Film

Thank you for such a beautiful playlist!