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dead end nation


based off of the incredible voltron dystopian au "The Dead End Nation" by leporicide on ao3

i've corresponded each song with a scene, although some have not been included. if you'd like insight on the specifics, feel free to message me!!

my music library isn't the most diverse, unfortunately, so you'll have to bear with a couple album/artist repeats and the occasional mismatch of tone ;^)

last update: chapter 12

22 tracks
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aaaaa I love it! i read your tumblr post about why you picked each song too, and that was really neat! maybe you can annotate your playlist tracks so everyone who listens can see it too? :0 (though those don't show up on mobile)

@svenharel hi !! thank u for telling me about the annotate feature, as i was DYING over not being able to tell listeners why i chose what i did. they should all be up and functioning now, and do let me know if u spot a typo or something looks weird

@jesspava oh shoot i didn't see this reply until now! sorry i forgot about it bc i went on vacation and comments don't show up on my 8tracks mobile so i didn't answer orz. They look good so far, I'll let you know if I see any typos!! It's nice seeing all the reasoning right as I'm listening to the song, thank you so much for adding the annotations!!!