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playlist dedicated to my favorite bird babe

  • [Kagamine Len] Rotten Boy, Grotesque Romance [VOCALOID cover] by nightmareV4
  • 【UTAU カバー】Bi☣hazard【Tsuki Hikari ENGLISH】+UST by alexdatechnoloids
    Player POV
  • Breaking things into pieces by Ixfloid_official
  • Psychotic len's love song(2) by ginopro
  • This Is The Happiness And Peace Of Mind Commitee by VY2 & KAITO
  • Suicide Song (ジサツブシ) by Hatsune Miku
  • paradichlorobenzene by Kaito
  • Tarantula feat. Oliver by momocashew
  • Ashes To Ashes by KAITO
  • 【Vocaloid Original Song】 Crystalline 【Gumi English】 by doingtheshit
  • The Full Course for Candy Addicts by Hatsune Miku
11 tracks
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